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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a request to another library for material that is not owned by Kelley Library or one of its GMILCS affiliates. You must have a Kelley Library card to request an interlibrary loan. Please search our catalog for materials first. If you do not find an item at the Kelley Library or at any GMILCS library, you may request an interlibrary loan from another library in NH or outside of the state.

Please be aware that books published within the last six months to a year are generally not available for borrowing through interlibrary loan. Reference books are never available for borrowing from other libraries. You may submit four interlibrary loan requests at a time. The interlibrary loan borrowing period is four weeks.

This service is free within New Hampshire. There is a fee of $15.00 for loan requests for items owned by libraries outside of the state. This fee offsets shipping and handling fees charged by the owning libraries. To request an interlibrary loan, fill out this form.


Be sure to check for the title you are looking for in our catalog, selecting all GMILCS libraries, not just Kelley.

The more detail you hae about the title you want, the better. provides great search options, plus the publisher, pub date and ISBN that the form asks for.

There is a fee for out-of-state loans. This is because most libraries charge a $15.00 fee for loaning items, and we are responsible for the return postage as well. Only you can decide if the loan is worth cost.

If you heard about the title on TV or the radio, or read about it in a newspaper or magazine, be sure to include this information in the ILL form.