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Two meeting rooms are available for public use:

1.      Beshara Room

2.      Conference Room (maximum capacity 8).

Library Programs have first priority when scheduling meeting rooms.

Attendance at all meetings is limited to 25.

Evening meetings and Saturday meetings are limited to one meeting per group per month.

“Evenings” are defined as 6:30 – 8:50 PM.

Meeting rooms may be used, free of charge, by Salem non-profit groups or organizations.

The use of meeting rooms will not be available for businesses or for-profit organizations.

Non-profit  groups or organizations which are not based in Salem may be permitted to use the meeting rooms if they are providing a program or service to Salem residents.

All meetings should be scheduled through the Director or Assistant Director of the library.

Permission to use the library meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement of the group’s philosophy or objectives by the library.  Library sponsorship of any program cannot be implied without the express consent of the library.

All groups and organizations must adhere to the library’s RULES FOR USE OF MEETING ROOMS, posted on the door of the Beshara Room.


June 20, 2002

Amended March 17, 2006